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Hi, friends, and happy spring! Just kidding - I drove to Boston for a work trip earlier this week, and the drive consisted of snow. Snow! In April! This freezing "spring" weather has got me dreaming of summer. Since we bought the cottage, I just cannot wait for summer to hurry up and get here. Combine that with the freezing temps and a recent trip to IKEA during which I scoped out their outdoor furniture, and outdoor entertaining spaces are constantly on my mind lately!

We have a large deck overlooking the water at the cottage. I'm hoping to eventually split that into 2 zones; one for eating, and another as a seating/lounge area. As such, I've been scouring Pinterest for outdoor inspiration, and found a few spaces that are too good not to share. I have only included one photo of each, so you must click the links to see more beautiful photos of each space - you won't regret it!

1 | This backyard lounge area from New Darlings

What I love: Overall, I love this space because it's relatively simple, not overdone, and looks oh so relaxing. The neutral color palette, comfortable furniture, and minimal accessories create a laid back vibe that invites you to just kick back and relax. I mean, can't you just see yourself curled up with a book in that amazing swing?! And the rugs - I love the layered rug look - it creates a really cozy feel. I think layering rugs is pretty common indoors, but I really love the look outside as well. (You will likely be seeing these rugs again soon - when I first discovered this space about a year ago, I ordered both rugs for my house, and will likely be relocating them to the cottage soon!) Finally, I love that the accessories are mostly plants. Plants can be a great way to accessorize and add a pop of color to your outdoor space without spending a ton of money.

2 | This patio from Emily Henderson

What I love: I love pretty much everything about this space, but if I have to pick one thing, I love how the patio is organized into distinct zones (dining vs. lounging). This is a great use of space - perfect for entertaining, and even includes room for a small bar. An outdoor rug helps to define the dining space, and some small lounge areas are not far away (including small tables for guests to rest drinks and other items on). The color palette is so pretty - mostly neutrals with some pretty pops of blue and red. Oh and did I mention that everything you see on this patio is from Target?! Be sure to check this post out in more detail for more shots of this beautiful space.

3 | This backyard from I SPY DIY

What I love: I love this space because it's perfect for lounging. The large sectional provides ample seating, and the super cool fireplace allows guests to stay late at night once the temperature starts to drop. All of the pillows and a few blankets placed here and there also help to make this a super cozy spot for relaxing. The mix of patterns on the pillows and accessories makes my heart happy, and I love the overall color palette. The pretty pops of pink and that mint door brighten up the color palette and keep things fun. The painted pink pots are super cute - and what an easy DIY project! Grab some plants, pots, potting soil, and a can of spray paint in your color of choice at the hardware store, and you have some super cute accessories in one afternoon!

4 | This backyard from ALMOST MAKES PERFECT

What I love: This backyard caught my eye because of how the homeowner's used the entire backyard, splitting it into different zones. They created several distinct zones with their unique design - including a lounge area, large dining area, small dining area, and a fire pit area with a super cool fire pit. I am so jealous of the cool southwest vibe - including the patterned pillows, modern furniture, and amazing plants. I would kill to have those plants in my yard - but I don't see that happening anytime soon since I live in upstate NY. Ah, well a girl can dream! That hammock though! Have you ever seen a such a pretty hammock? I don't think I've ever seen a hammock that I would describe as pretty at all. Basically what I'm saying is that I love everything about this backyard.

5 | This patio from Rock My Style

What I love: This space grabbed my attention because while it's not huge and it's quite simple, it's such a lush, private retreat. The lucky homeowners have some beautiful greenery that keeps the space private, and created a simple lounge area with a few accessories. When you have a beautiful, lush backdrop, you don't need a ton of accessories to create an amazing space, and I really love the simplicity of this lounge area. I was even more impressed to learn that the outdoor sofa is from IKEA. That's right people, there is an outdoor sofa that is actually affordable! I've got my eye on this sofa because of the price, quality, and the fact that it's modular (you can move the individual seats around to create the configuration that works best for you).

So, which space is your favorite? It's hard to choose because they are all so amazing, I know. I hope to start working on my own outdoor space soon, and promise to keep you posted on progress. Now, hurry up summer!

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