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One Room Challenge: Week 6

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

We are updating our guest bedroom for the One Room Challenge! If you’re new here, check out my previous posts for more information on the One Room Challenge, how it all works, and why we’re updating the space.

Hello from week 6! In case you're questioning it, yes I am able to count. The ORC Sponsors decided to cancel week 5 posts and instead take time to read, learn, post, etc. in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. So we skipped right over week 5.

Now back to week 6.We have been working on several updates this week that are starting to make the space feel like a guest room again!

First, we added this gorgeous rug from Well Woven Rugs! I knew I wanted a mostly neutral rug since overall I want a neutral, calming sort of vibe for guests. I chose the “Beverly Beige” rug, in the largest size (7’10” x 9’10”). The size is really nice as it covers almost the entire floor, and you guys it’s so soft! It really might be the softest rug in the house – knowing it will be so nice and comfortable for guests makes me happy.

We also added curtains and a new pendant light from Ikea. I chose this super budget-friendly pendant because of the great price point and nice texture it adds to the room. It casts such a nice glow and pattern on the walls at night.

I think the curtains we added will be a game changer for our guests. After recently sleeping in our guest room when my 4-year old niece spent the night, I realized how bright this room is at night due to street lights. These are the Sanela room darkening curtains from Ikea. They cost a little more than the average set of curtains at $60/pair, but they are heavy and thick and darken the room at night so well!

I’m still playing with the curtain length. We have such tall windows that curtains tend to cost me a small fortune! These are 98” in length, and are still a little short. Rather than buying longer (more expensive) curtains, I’m experimenting with curtain rings to add a few inches of length.

And the last update for this week is the bed! As I mentioned last week, I had planned to re-purpose a metal bed frame and headboard I already had, but once moved into the space, I realized it wasn’t working. So, I ordered a new bed and my saint of a husband spent over 2 hours assembling it for me. Really, it took forever to assemble, and as per usual, our dog had to be right in the way.

I love the timeless look of the bed, it’s really so pretty in person, and the price was great at under $350. It’s much cleaner looking than the previous frame, which is important since you have a clear view of the bed when standing in our dining room.

So, as of week #6 we are making good progress and I’m trying not to panic about delivery delays due to the pandemic…to be continued!

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See you next week!


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