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One Room Challenge: Week 4

We are updating our guest bedroom for the One Room Challenge! If you’re new here, check out my previous posts for more information on the One Room Challenge, how it all works, and why we’re updating the space.

It’s so hard to believe that the One Room Challenge is half-over already, but here I am writing the Week 4 update! This week’s update is all about layout and furniture. As you may recall, the (queen) bed was previously tucked into the corner on the right-hand side of the room. This picture is the same view you see when you enter the room from our dining room (with the bed on the right).

Well, I’m so excited to report that I was able to move the bed away from the right hand wall! Moving the bed to the center of a wall was something I really wanted to do with this update. I think it’s so much nicer for two guests when one of them doesn’t have to sleep against a wall (possibly because when my husband and I travel, I am usually the one who gets stuck in that spot).

While I thought moving the bed to the longer wall might work, I also knew fitting in two nightstands next to the bed would be extra tricky given the length of the wall and how the door opens. I searched and searched and could not find nightstands small enough to fit, so I ended up finding two small end/accent tables that fit perfectly.

Since I’m going for more of a collected over time look, I opted for two different/non-matching nightstands. One is a gorgeous marble table, and the other is a curved walnut table. Both were more expensive than I would normally spend, but I’m trying to include fewer, yet nicer quality items in the room. Plus, I knew I would find a few other pieces of furniture antiquing that would help get my budget back in check.

Luckily I was able to snag a few vintage pieces before the antique stores had to close down due to COVID-19. I scored this gorgeous vintage bentwood chair, along with this art deco wardrobe. I’m so excited about both, and especially the wardrobe. The wardrobe will add some much needed storage in the room (including area for guests to hang clothes up) since this room does not have a closet. And the wardrobe just happens to fit perfectly in the corner of the room where the bed used to be.

So that is where we are at for Week 4! Cue video with my usual dog-in-the-background noises below!

Overall, I’m happy with the progress, and I’m super excited about this new layout. At this point, you may have noticed that I failed to talk about the largest piece of furniture in the room, the bed! I was planning to use a bed and green headboard that I already had, but once assembled, I just wasn’t happy with how the bed was looking in the room. The headboard mounted on a metal frame look just wasn’t very “clean”, and with the new layout, you look right at the bed from our dining room. So, I decided to order a new bed! More on that next week :)

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See you next week!


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