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One Room Challenge: The Reveal!

We are updating our guest bedroom for the One Room Challenge! If you’re new here, check out my previous posts for more information on the One Room Challenge, how it all works, and why we’re updating the space.

You guys! The day is finally here! That’s right, it’s reveal day for the One Room Challenge! I’m so excited to share the new guest bedroom with you, but first let’s revisit what the space looked like before we started.

So, in full disclosure, I did not end up doing everything I had planned for the space. What can I say? The weather got nice and I got busy enjoying it! Having said that, this room got a new layout, three (yes, 3!) fresh coats of paint, a new rug, lighting, new furniture, and even some new décor and bedding.

Okay, enough of that, let’s just jump to the after pictures!

The space feels so much brighter and cleaner. We just love this super soft rug from Well Woven!

We have such tall windows - I love the drama of these dark curtains! These, along with the pendant light really draw the eye up so you actually notice our tall ceilings.

There is not a closet in this tiny room, so I added a wardrobe! It was supposed to be for guests, but then I took most of it over, oops. I added a shelf inside of it, which now holds our linens (and there is still some space for guests to hang clothes).

While I did not originally plan to buy a new bed, I'm glad I did. This bed looks great in the room next to the new nightstands which I'm in love with.

This stunning art from Great Big Canvas also draws the eye up. This canvas is huge! I love this piece because it's neutral but interesting - you look at it and think "Is that a bird?" but you aren't quite sure. For the bedding, I ended up using a mix of new items and things I already had. I'm happy with how it turned out, as I wanted it to feel cohesive, but not super matchy matchy with the room. And I finally get to use this tray I purchased months ago and have been patiently waiting to use!

Even though I didn’t get to every little project, I am really happy with how it turned out! I was going for a minimal, yet collected sort of vibe that would ultimately provide a comfortable, relaxing spot for our guests. I hope I have achieved that, and look forward to hosting our first guest! If nothing else, this room went from being a “catch all” in our home to feeling much more sophisticated and more our style.

I would love to know what you think, and if you have any questions. Sources are linked below! Thanks for following along! To check out some amazing reveals (you really should), click here!

Rubber tree pot, matchstick holder: handmade by Verlynn Goods

Chair, wardrobe, plant stand, thistle artwork - vintage


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