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Hi, friends – did you know that today is the first day of spring? No really, it’s true. Now if the weather could just get on board…

Whether it’s the first day of spring and upcoming holidays, or the green vintage glassware I scored thrifting last weekend, I’ve got tablescapes on the brain today!

I have been so inspired by a few tablescapes I have seen on Pinterest lately, and today I want to share 5 of them with you. These are beautiful, and are perfect for Easter dinner, Mother’s Day brunch, or even just a get together with friends.

1 | This table from I SPY DIY

What I love: I love how fun this arrangement is! Pink isn't my color - but no worries since this design is very versatile. You can buy terracotta pots pretty inexpensively, and spray paint them any color you like. You can scale back the number of plants if this is too many, and place them around your home when done. Flowers can get expensive pretty quickly, so why not spend your money on succulents or other potted plants that will last much longer than flowers? I am definitely saving this idea, especially for summer.

2 | This table from a beautiful backyard wedding (via Green Lion Design)

What I love: This design is simple, yet beautiful. I love the simplicity of the accessories and flowers, which allows the moss runner to take center stage. Nothing says spring more than green, and I think we all need a little green in our lives after winter! The moss runner provides the beautiful green hue, along with some great texture. This design would also be beautiful indoors.

3 | This table from Hayley Ann Styling

What I love: I love this place setting for a more formal dinner, such as Easter Dinner. The design is pretty minimal, but just fancy enough to feel special. Few items on the table allow the flowers to really shine, and I just love the look of greenery tucked into each napkin. The suede string holds everything in place while providing some visual interest and nice texture (and is hopefully easier to untie than twine, because my family is soooo over me tying everything with twine).

4 | This table from 100 Layer Cake

What I love: I think you all know I'm more of a neutral gal, but the colors in this tablescape are just stunning. I love the big, colorful flowers that pop against the dark blue background. The soft, casual mix of flowers provide some nice contrast compared to the very symmetrical place settings. The place setting is “softened” and made a little more relaxed with a knotted napkin casually laid across each place. The overall effect is just lovely!

5 | This table from an Austin Wedding (via La Fleur Vintage)

What I love: I love this design because it’s so simple, and budget friendly. I know I often come across a stunning tablescape that I want to recreate, but then quickly realize doing so would cost a small fortune. Who’s with me?! This design is budget friendly, and still looks beautiful. A tablecloth, simple burlap runner, candles, and flowers loosely placed in various glassware, and you’re good to go!

So which table is your favorite? It's hard to choose, I know.

I hope these designs have inspired you as much as they have me. Now I am thinking I have to create a spring table of my own...

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