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Updated: Feb 19, 2018

If my husband were reading the title of this post, he would laugh aloud and tell me that I’ve lost my mind and that our bathroom is not a budget bathroom. In all honesty, I did go over my renovation budget for the space, like by a lot. I still cringe when I think about said budget, but I’m moving on.

You may recall that I recently shared the details of the bathroom renovation. This is our main bathroom that we use every day, and it’s the bathroom that our guests use, so it was worth the splurge (justification, check). Having said that, once I realized my budget was going up in flames, I was able to make a few careful choices to save money in some areas. Rather than continuing to let my budget spiral out of control and get everything I wanted, I was able to find materials that were less expensive, while still achieving the overall look I was going for. Of course, looking back there are some things I would have done differently (as in every room of my house), but overall we are really happy with the result. And, the cost savings here and there really added up. Here are 5 items that I purchased to get my look for less.

While not specifically shown above, I also chose budget-friendly tile for the walls and floor. Gotta love subway tile – it’s timeless and oh so cheap compared to other options out there.

What are some budget-friendly items you have purchased while still achieving your design goals? I would love to hear them!


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2 comentários

26 de ago. de 2020

What wall color did you use? Love it!


Rachel Anderson
Rachel Anderson
07 de fev. de 2019

I have to know how you did the vanity top? We are renovating our and I am using a similar sink/faucet combo and a sewing machine base. This counter would be perfect!

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