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One of my most favorite hobbies is reading. I am always reading at least one book and have a long list of books I plan to read next. When I actually have time to kick back and relax, I would much rather dig into a good book instead of watching television, hands down. As you know by now, I also love summer, and try to spend every possible moment outside during the brief summers we have in upstate New York. Having comfortable outdoor furniture is an absolute must for me, since I often read outside. If, like me, you have been shopping around for outdoor furniture lately, you may be feeling a bit frustrated at the alarmingly high prices of some outdoor pieces. I understand that outdoor furniture must be weather resistant and blah blah blah, but good lord it's expensive!

If you have been following along here, you know that my husband and I recently purchased a cottage on a nearby lake. The cottage has a very large deck overlooking the water, which is my soon to be favorite reading spot. The problem, however, is that I need furniture for this very large deck, and have a not so large budget.

Since the deck is so sizable, I have room for a lounge area and a dining area. For lounging, I would absolutely love to have the ample seating an outdoor sectional provides, but I'm not looking to take out a second (no wait, third) mortgage just to buy one. For now, I'll have to make a sofa, or possibly even a loveseat work. Since I have been spending so much time scouring the Internet for affordable pieces, I thought I would roundup a few of my favorites and share them with you - in case you are also looking to furnish an outdoor space without selling your first-born.

I love this beautifully styled space, via Target (featuring loveseat #3 below)

As it turns out, there are some good options out there, at reasonable price points. Below are a few of my favorites, by price range. After a lot of searching, I have discovered that you can snag a nice looking loveseat, with cushions, for less than $350. This includes metal frames or more natural frame materials, along with some fun, modern styles, and more traditional styles. Several of the pieces below also come in more than one color so you can pick the color combination that is right for you. I personally love white cushions, though I know that will require regular cleaning throughout the summer. Even better news? The prices shown below are not sale prices. So, if you have your eye on one of these and wait for it to go on sale, you can snag an even better deal (a few of these are on sale now as I write this!).

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine

So which loveseat is your favorite? I hope you found this roundup helpful! While I love several of these, I haven't decided on one. I may keep searching to determine whether I can spend just a little bit more money and find a sofa instead of a loveseat. So who is interested in seeing my outdoor sofa roundup?!

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