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It has been unseasonably warm in Upstate NY, and it feels like summer has officially begun! It’s a bit early, and I must admit that my outdoor space is not even close to being ready. Well, I guess I’m just not ready in general. We have yet to put our air conditioners in our house, so the past few days have been sweltering.

As you know, I have been hunting for affordable outdoor furniture to get ready for summer, and today I have rounded up 9 budget friendly outdoor sofas to share with you. This is my second post on affordable outdoor furniture, so if you are interested in affordable loveseat options, check out my first post here. I’ve been searching for affordable sofas for the past few weeks, and have some great options to share with you.

Such a cozy and inviting space from I SPY DIY

But first, a cottage update…

Remember when I shared the big news about our cottage with you? Remember how I naively thought the cottage only needed cosmetic updates to add character and charm? Unfortunately I could not have been more wrong about the extent of work the cottage needs. While renovated somewhat recently, the renovations were not done properly, and we’ve had to fix multiple issues as we go. And I don’t mean small issues. We are completely redoing the HVAC and plumbing, and recently discovered that we need a new deck.

The deck is quite large, so the materials to replace it are not cheap. But, it must be done. Some of the structure is questionable, and the composite deck boards were not laid properly with space between for drainage, so the boards are damaged and collect water. When it rains, the water just pools on the deck and sits there for days – not exactly what I had in mind for an inviting outdoor space.

So, I’m a bit behind schedule on the outdoor space front, but I’m excited for the new deck. The existing materials are not what I would have picked, so it will be nice to start from scratch and select finishes that are more our style. I know it will be a huge improvement in the end, but now I need to be even more careful with my spending when furnishing the space.

Luckily I have been doing a ton of searching and have found some affordable sofa options that I am considering. The good news is that there are a lot of options out there – even under $500 for a full size sofa. If you can spend more in the $500 - $700 range, there are even some sectionals to choose from.

A few of my favorite options are below, organized by price point. These are the original prices, not sale prices, but I know a few of these are on sale as I write this. This is a great time of year to buy outdoor furniture as there are a lot of sales going on!

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine

Several of these are available in multiple cushion colors so you can pick what’s right for you. I am currently torn between navy cushions and something lighter. I know lighter cushions show everything, but darker cushions are likely to get hot in the sun. Decision, decisions! And spoiler alert – #4 and #8 are my personal favorites! #5 is very similar to the sofa in the photo above, and it's also modular so you can move around the pieces to fit your space.

I would love to hear your favorites, and I hope you have found some inspiration for your own outdoor space here! For more inspiration, follow me on Pinterest.


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