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Updated: Mar 5, 2018

Hello! As I shared a couple of weeks back, we bought a cottage. The cottage was renovated somewhat recently, and is really a blank slate for us. I am so excited to get in there and start working and decorating! So excited, in fact, that I can't get stop thinking about it. I have been working on the design for our master bedroom - thinking about what we want for the space, concerns/challenges, and of course finding lots of inspiration on Pinterest. I've selected 5 amazing bedrooms that I am drawing inspiration from right now to share with you.

Before we get into the bedrooms, I want to share thoughts and progress(ish) on our bedroom with you. Let's start with a few pictures of the space. Please excuse the poor image quality!

Images courtesy of Zillow

What I love about the room

First, and maybe most importantly, I love how bright the room is! There is a large window facing the water that gets a ton of natural light. I also love the idea of waking up and looking out at the water, even though our boat house roof does disturb the view a bit.

Secondly, I love that we have a master bathroom! Even though the master bathroom is teeny tiny, having a bathroom attached to our bedroom is a big deal for us (even the door to the bathroom is tiny, as shown in the image on the right above). We don't even have a master bath at our house! Since we plan to entertain a lot at the cottage, having a private bathroom is oh so exciting, tiny or not.

Concerns I have

My number one concern is the carpet. While the carpet is nice looking, and a nice neutral beige color, I'm concerned about having carpet in general. We have zero carpet in our house, and I'm just terrified that we will ruin the carpet, especially given the color. Now seems like a great time to tell you that my husband is VERY clumsy. I'm terrified that we are going to ruin this carpet in no time. My budget for this space will be very tight, so I don't anticipate being able to purchase a large area rug to layer over the carpet, but I'm hoping to purchase a medium-sized rug for layering to add some color and also protect the carpet. And I guess we will just have to be super careful with the carpets. Can you put a dog in a bubble?! How about a husband? I am stressing already...

My second big concern is storage space. While we do have a decent sized closet in the room, at least half of the closet space is being taken up by the hot water heater. I'm sure this was a very logical decision, but what a pain! I so wish the hot water heater was in a different closet - like in the guest rooms since guests probably won't need a closet as much, but I digress. I'm hoping I can find a budget-friendly dresser that will give me ample storage for clothes, without making the room look too cluttered. And speaking of cluttering up the room with furniture, I do need a desk since I work from home. Ideally the desk will be in our room so that I can have a quiet space to work in.

So, in addition to a bed or headboard, I'm hoping to squeeze in a rug, dresser, and maybe a desk within my super tight budget. I will also need accessories like lamps and things. I'm really hoping to score several of the items I need via thrifting to save some money! I already have 2 nightstands, which came with the cottage (see picture above). They are 150% not our style, but I'm hoping I can come up with a super affordable DIY to give them a face lift. That can work...right?!

5 Amazing Bedrooms

Okay enough about all of my concerns, onto the fun part! Here are 5 bedrooms that I am currently obsessed with/drawing inspiration from. And let me tell you, narrowing this down to 5 rooms is probably the hardest thing I have done all week!

1 | This bedroom from Courtney Nye Design

I know I previously shared that I'm very into white walls right now, but that's not the only reason I love this space. I love the simplicity in this space - it makes the room feel like a relaxing retreat. The art over the bed is oh so soothing, and the textured bedding looks so cozy, I just want to jump right in! I also love the contrast of the white bedding with a dark upholstered headboard. I will likely be searching for a dark bed option when designing our bedroom.

2 | This bedroom from future ancestor

You might be thinking this room looks a lot like the last room, and they are similar in some ways (like white bedding and a dark headboard). I love this room because of the vintage art. It's so interesting and gives the space so much character. Now I love new things just as much as anyone, but having a room full of all new items can sometimes feel flat. Vintage accessories, including art add visual interest, and for me, make a space feel lived in vs. something you would see in a model home or on display at a home store.

3 | This bedroom from Amber Interiors

I mean, come on. This bedroom is so beautiful! I love how light and bright it is. And those ceilings! It's also so beachy, which is perfect since it's in an amazing beach house. Actually, the entire house is beyond amazing. I just want to move in and never leave. This room is pretty different from my usual style - but I love the idea of lots of blue and white for a cottage. And I would love to have a cozy chair in the corner for reading.

4 | This bedroom from Bre Purposed

I know, I know - another white bedroom. But the white walls just let the neutral accessories shine in this room! Notice the wood tones popping, and look at that plant - it rightly deserves all of the attention it's getting in this photo. Similar to #1 above, I love how the art over the bed draws you in, and evokes a sense of calm with the nature scene. I also love the simple bedding that looks casual and not too overdone.

5 | This bedroom from Brittany Sharday Interiors

Accent wall - need I say more?! I love this moody dark green wall - despite all evidence to the contrary given the 4 rooms above. There is just something about a dark bedroom that makes you want to get in the bed and sleep for days. I love this green - and the room is still nice and bright overall.

For our room, a dark accent wall means I need to rethink a dark headboard, and likely find something lighter. So essentially, I'm a bit stuck between all white and and an accent wall. What do you think - all white or accent wall? I'd love to hear from you as I keep working on the design! More progress to come...

Like what you see?

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