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Updated: Feb 19, 2018

Hi, friends! Today I am sharing my ideas for a DIY "spa day" gift basket. Spa gift baskets are one of my favorite gifts to give. I love the thought of giving a loved one an excuse to take a "me day". These baskets are such a thoughtful gesture and I think all of us know someone who deserves to take a day off and pamper themself.

Besides being a super thoughtful gesture, I love gifting these for many reasons:

  • You can easily tailor the contents to the recipient based on what they like, their hobbies, etc.

  • You can easily add or remove contents in order to hit the price point you want to spend

  • These are a great way for the recipient to try out a new product they may love

  • These are a great way to share products you love with others

I could keep going on and on, but I think you get the point! I have given these baskets to several friends, and the contents are different every time. In general, I like to include a few pampering products, and then mix the other contents up based on the recipient.

For pampering I like to include a face mask or a similar treatment for the face, along with something luxurious for the hair (like a hair mask), and something for the skin. We have harsh winters where I live, so moisturizing hand lotion is always a good choice. Other ideas include nice soap, bubble bath/bath bombs, body scrub, and keratin gloves/socks.

I also like to include at least one item that encourages the recipient to relax. This might be a pair of comfy socks, a book, or even a book/podcast/music suggestion I think would enjoy. I also like to include a card with a note about taking a day for themselves (if applicable, include an offer to watch the kids and you'll be hailed as the best gift giver of all time).

Finally, I like to include a treat of some sort. Again, this varies based on the recipient - but for me this typically includes a few chocolates, a mug/tea combo, or even a bottle of wine.

For this particular gift basket, I knew I didn't want to spend much more than $25. Getting several items for $25 is tight, but doable. Don't be afraid to check end caps for clearance items, and if a full size product is too pricey, look around for a trial or travel size option.

So here's where I ended up! I chose a few pink items, along with heart socks for a "Galentine's Day" basket.

I selected a Pacifica Stress Rehab facial mask, along with a hair masque from Nexxus. A nice candle, comfy socks, and mug for tea...sounds like a relaxing night to me! I also grabbed some hand lotion, and nice soap from Hand in Hand.

Bonus - for every bar of Hand in Hand soap purchased, the company donates a bar to an area in need. How cool is that?!

So here is how everything breaks down price-wise. Excluding the basket ($3) and some chocolates I included ($1), I spent just over $25.

Not bad for a day of pampering, and a gift I know I would personally enjoy (hint hint family).

Links to most products below!

Facial mask | Hair masque | Candle TJ Maxx | Socks | Mug | Lotion (I got a smaller size at Target) | Soap


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