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Hi, friends! I’m coming at you today with a completely unplanned post! Normally, I plan my blog posts a week or so in advance, so I have time to work on each post throughout the week. Working a full-time job and finding time to post can be tricky, so planning is critical for me.

While not planned in advance, I just had to share this post with you! If you haven’t heard, Target is launching a new line of home furnishings called Opalhouse on April 8th. You can preview the collection here, which is what I was doing while enjoying my coffee yesterday morning. I planned to briefly peruse the collection and save a few things I might be interested in purchasing once available. Things didn’t happen that way for me because there is so much to love in this collection!


If I sound a little crazy, it’s because I’m so inspired by this collection (and I’ve had a lot of coffee today)! You guys – this collection is so good! In describing Opalhouse, the Target website mentions “creative spaces as bold as your spirit”. Opalhouse is so creative and inspiring! This collection boasts a great variety of furnishings, including furniture, accessories, and textiles for every room in your house, including outdoor spaces. While the collection spans several styles, a lot of the pieces seem very Anthropologie-esque to me. Think lots of really fun colors, textures, and patterns. I really love the variety of this collection – even just the furniture ranges from more boho rattan pieces to more streamlined, mid century styles with clean lines. And the textiles! Don’t even get me started on the textiles – so many beautiful colors and textures. Oh, and in typical Target fashion, this line is affordable! What more could a girl ask for?!

So while just a quick preview of the collection was my plan, I had to pick some of my favorite pieces from the Opalhouse collection and share them with you. Here are just a few:

I NEED all of this stuff! Since I am shopping for our cottage, the blue tones in the plates, lamp and oversized throw caught my eye. There are many other beautiful colors in this collection, however. Be sure to view a close-up of the plates. They are so pretty! $12 for 3 plates is a great deal, and I love how the plates work together but do not match. Seriously – what an upgrade for outdoor dining!

While I love the oversized throw and pillow above, there are so many more options in the collection. There are a ton of pretty throw pillows, and several oversized throws with great texture.

And the baskets! There are so many great baskets in this collection. There are several large baskets (like the seagrass basket above) that are perfect for plants. There are also a few seagrass serving baskets in the collection (not pictured) that would look so pretty on any table. And finally, I also love the wall art baskets. If you, like me, are a big fan of hanging baskets on the wall, then Target’s got you covered.

I could just keep going on and on. Narrowing this down to 12 pieces was difficult, because there are so many great pieces in this collection. You just have to check it out for yourself! So, who’s going to be second in line at Target on April 8th? After me, of course! :)

To see more of what I'm loving in this collection, follow me on Pinterest!

Note: all images in this post via Target


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