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One Room Challenge: Week 2

We are updating our guest bedroom for the One Room Challenge! If you’re new here, check out last week’s post for more information on the One Room Challenge, how it all works, and why we’re updating the space.

So what have we done in one week? The answer is not a whole lot. I filmed the “before” tour of our guest room in March, and the room got worse before it got better. My husband is now working from home with me due to COVID, so the guest room quickly became full of stuff he uses for work, and so much more!

What a mess! But don't worry, we finally cleaned it out. We removed pretty much everything except for the bed, which we moved into the center of the room for painting. We also took everything off the walls and patched the walls. Some things may go right back up in the same location, but I want flexibility when it’s time to hang things.

So we are ready for paint! Not too bad for one week I guess. Now for the fun part – my design inspiration! As I mentioned last week, I want this room to be super comfortable and relaxing for guests. I think keeping things simple and avoiding clutter will be key in achieving that feeling. Think more like a beautiful hotel room than a guest bedroom in someone’s home. That’s what I’m going for! At the same time, a beautiful hotel room doesn’t have to be boring. I want the room to feel eclectic – while I don’t want a lot of things in the room, I do want each thing to feel special. Hopefully that makes sense! Here are a few images I found on Pinterest that have inspired my plans for the space. If you are updating a room, Pinterest is always a great place to start – collecting inspiration photos will help you understand what you like and don’t like, want to achieve, etc..

Studio Ashby

Jette Creative

Emily Schoen

The Line Hotel DC

So that’s it for this week! Stay tuned – next week I am planning to share my design plans. If you want to check out the other participants, click here!

See you next week!


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