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Hi, friends! As I mentioned in my last post, I have been so inspired by some amazing tables I have been eyeing on Pinterest lately. Naturally - I had to create my own tablescape for spring, and I'm exited to share it with you today! My goal was to create something simple, and also budget friendly. I'm happy to report that I have achieved that goal, so without further ado - here is my super simple tablescape that you can easily recreate this spring!

My initial inspiration for the design was to create something bright, fun, and spring-like. To start, I knew I would need a new tablecloth. I have a few damask tablecloths, but they are more for holidays, so I knew I would need to finding something a little bit simpler. I did some searching and found this gray "Farmhouse Linen" tablecloth at Kohl's. I was immediately drawn to the color and texture, and it was a win-win when I discovered it was 40% off the regular price!

Since I wanted to keep this project budget friendly, I knew I would be mixing in only a few new pieces with my existing dishes. To create some contrast with color, I paired my white dinner plates with these fun black salad plates from Hearth & Hand with Magnolia. Additionally, the organic shape of the salad plates contrasts against the perfectly round dinner plates. I am so excited to be using my new vintage green glassware! I am still amazed that we got eleven of these beauties for just $5! I also set the table with wine glasses because who doesn't love wine?!

I added a striped linen napkin tied in a knot to each setting. I think this casual way to display the napkins softens the look a bit, given such a strong contrast between the plate colors.

I wanted a little something special at each setting, but had to get creative to avoid buying a bunch of extra supplies. I found these decorative moss balls at Target a while back. They are actually vase fillers, but I knew the bright green color would be perfect for a spring table. I filled 8 oz. mason jars I had with the moss balls, and added a single flower bud to each jar for some color.

I kept it simple with the flowers as well, and I am happy to report that I purchased all of the fresh flowers at the grocery store! No, really I did, and I don't mean Trader Joe's or another store with a great flower selection. Just a regular grocery store, friends! I purchased white hydrangea, orange alstroemeria, and yellow caspia. I chose alstroemeria because these flowers tend to have a lot of green leaves, which I wanted for spring. I also love alstroemeria because I swear these flowers last forever! They really last for a long time as long as you add the flower food as instructed. For the color, I chose orange for a pop of color given the other neutrals I was working with. Given the smaller alstroemeria with lots of leaves, I included hydrangeas to provide a more full flower with lots of fluffy petals. Lastly, I included caspia - the yellow pulls out the yellow in the alstroemeria, and the flowers provide some nice height and texture. I loosely arranged the flowers in three vintage mason jars that I collected for our wedding several years ago, but the flowers would also look great in standard mason jars. I added some dried eucalyptus after the flowers were in the jars because, well - just because I love eucalyptus!

Here is a shot of the entire table. I added a wooden cutting board to the center to break up the tablecloth a bit, while keeping the overall look casual. At one point, I had a few gold candlesticks in the center of the table, but removed them after realizing the look was too formal for us! Don't be afraid to play around with what you've got - editing and tweaking based on your style and the look you are going for.

Okay, maybe I took one too many photos of my green glasses, but I just love them so!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my simple tablescape! And, I hope I have shown you that you can easily create something like this for yourself without spending a ton of money or having a ton of time. Once I had all of the supplies, I put all of this together in about an hour, and only purchased a few things. Additionally, the new items I purchased are pretty neutral, meaning I can easily use them again for dinner parties, other holidays, etc.

I would love to see/hear about your spring tables, and if you like what you see, follow me on Pinterest for more entertaining inspiration!


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