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Hi, friends! As I have mentioned before, my husband and I love to entertain. We have friends over often, including some who do not live super close by and usually stay overnight. I try to always make these guests feel welcome when spending the night. One of the ways I do this is super simple - sharing our wifi password! Side note: I work from home, and have a crazy long wifi password for security reasons. So, telling people our password gets old quickly.

I have had our wifi password "posted" in our guest room for a few years now, and it's so handy! My nieces and nephews practically ask for the wifi password before even saying hello when they come over (which makes me feel so old because that just wasn't a thing when I was a kid), so I just point them in the direction of the guest room! Now, you may be thinking I'm not with the times and don't know you can easily give someone your password on an iPhone. You would be wrong. Sure - you can use that handy tool that Apple so ingeniously came up with, but why not share your password in a way that doubles as home decor?

If you have already joined my mailing list, great! If you have not, you totally should! Once you sign up, you will receive a free download for this "stay awhile" printable I made. The PDF file contains four variations of the design - black, pink, blue, and green.

The download is an editable PDF file - so once you download and open it, you can type in your own wifi network name and password. Once you select the design you like best, just print, cut and frame! I printed the black design on kraft paper, and the rest on white. You can also use patterned paper, as long as it's printer-friendly

Here are some images below of the four variations of the design. I accessorized the night stand in my guest room a little differently based on the design. Which do you like best?





I hope you join my email list and enjoy the printable! *You should receive the email to download this pretty quickly after signing up. Be sure to check your spam folder if you don't receive the email.

Now that I've given you a sneak peak of my guest room - would you like to see more? Let me know!


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