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Hello friends! It has been a while. Happy Fall to you! While I am sad to see summer go, I must admit that I love fall and I think I am finally ready to start embracing it. I even caved and finally purchased a few mums this past weekend. While summer will always be my favorite, I love some things about fall as well. I enjoy dressing for the cooler temperatures, love fall activities, and will literally eat/drink anything cider flavored.

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Fall always seems to make me want to switch things up at home and freshen up my decor. With the cooler temps I am already itching to rework a few spaces and update some decor to make sure everything is cozy and inviting in our home. One space that has been on my list for a while now is our living room.

Sorry for the poor quality photo! This is most of the living room - not shown is our entertainment stand with the television and such on the right hand side of the room.

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with our living room for a while now. The room is pretty narrow, with 3 large windows, a large radiator, and 2 entry points. Needless to say, the layout is super tricky. On top of that, we have to walk through the living room to get to our upstairs where my office is. This has resulted in us living for years with our furniture pushed up against the walls. I know, I know, a serious interior design no no. Even though I’ve been unhappy with the layout, I keep procrastinating on rearranging because I haven’t come up with a layout I am super happy with. I would love a layout that is more conversational in nature, since I feel like our guests literally have to sit in the corner when they come over!

In addition to a new layout, I would like to update the space with a new rug. I made a grave mistake when I bought this rug a few years ago – it’s just too small! Once I have an appropriately-sized rug selected, I also plan to update the throw pillows on the couch. While I love the contrasting gold tones with the couch color, the pillows are showing some serious wear and tear, and I think I’m ready for something more neutral.

I plan to keep almost all of the existing furniture in here with one exception. We have had a vintage chair in our bedroom for several years. I “borrowed” the chair from my Dad’s many antiques, and had it reupholstered a few years back. This spring, I found a matching chair at an antique store for $25! I have some fabric left over from having the first chair reupholstered, so I plan to reupholster this one so they match. If I can squeeze them in, I would love to have both chairs in the living room side by side. Overall, having more seating would be nice, but definitely difficult since the room is pretty narrow.

So that's what is on my mind for the living room. I'm hoping to update it this fall and have already started playing around with some new layouts. As you may have guessed, in addition to thinking about the living room layout, I’ve also started browsing online for rug and pillow options. I found a few things I am loving at H&M Home, which got me thinking…

As a budget- conscious home decor lover, I am always looking for new and affordable places to shop. While not exactly new, I feel that you peeps aren’t shopping at H&M Home as much as you should be! I have to tell you, if you aren’t at least browsing H&M Home when looking for something new, you are missing out! H&M Home has some beautiful pieces and their prices are great. They have an everyday low price sort of thing going on for a lot of their linens and other essentials, and have great sales as well.

I have gotten some really great deals from H&M Home in the past, and am loving some of their new stuff right now. So much so, that I wanted to share a few of my favorite pieces with you! These pillows, throws, and decor items are perfect for cozying your home up for fall. The rich colors and textures are a simple way to decorate for fall, without buying a bunch of fall themed items that can only be used for a few short months. These pillows and throws can make your home feel warm and inviting, and can also be used during the winter months without looking out of place. And the candles! H&M Home has a plethora of nice looking candles at reasonable prices. Is there any better way than candles to make your home feel warm and inviting? I think not!

Picking 12 items to share with you was seriously difficult. There are so many great items to choose from, you'll just have to check it out for yourself. Seeing this shower curtain actually made me sad because I don't use shower curtains in my house. And, if you happen to be shopping for a nursery or child's room, there are so many adorable items to choose from at H&M (like this rug!).

I hope to share some progress on our living room update in the next few months. And, I would love to hear about any upcoming home updates you've got going on this fall.

In the meantime, happy shopping!

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